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    Details of the machine

    Automatic 6 stations rotary machine for the production of single/ double density PU/PU, soles directly onto the uppers (D.I.P.) composed by:
    – Rotary table
    – Mould-carrier with automatic turning of the last pivot/top platen
    – Material tanks
    – Latest technology automatic injector equipped with delivery pumps and motors for injecting the material, with quantity/ratio iso-pol electronically controlled by computer
    – Injection head suitable to accommodate up to 4 colours lines
    – Electronic control board unit with programmable memory

    – Colorama system
    – Automatic Air Drying system
    – Industrial Chiller
    – Robot for (release agent/roughing/nozzle cleaning).
    According to customer’s requirement, different size machines in 12, 18, 24 and 32 stations can be manufactured.