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    Details of the machine

    Automatic rotary machine with 12 stations for the production of perfect single-density soles and/or technical articles in polyurethane material with single ordouble thickness. Recycled Pu system and water washing for an ecologicalcircular system.

    The machine can be equipped with a silicone robot and one for mold coating.Both polyether and polyester materials can be used on these machines. Based oncustomer needs, machines of different sizes with 12/24/32/40/48 stations can beproduced.

    Since more than 80 years, when the “Carrarmato” has been conceived, the first rubberoutsole for climbing, Vibram is a guarantee of quality and performance, innovationand design. Developed in 1937 by Vitale Bramani to match the demanding rise ofsafety and protection standards when mountaineering, our outsoles, characterized bythe yellow octagon, are today directed to the world of outdoor, occupational safety,lifestyle, orthopaedy and repair.